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The advantages of stainless steel wire screen

Stainless steel wire-wrap screens are petroleum screens used for various oil wells, vertical wells, side wells, horizontal wells, wells, steam flooding wells, etc. on land and in the ocean. Its production and production materials include various specifications of stainless steel T-wires. The following describes the characteristics of stainless steel wire winding screens and their advantages in oil filtration.
The features of the stainless steel wire-wrapped petroleum screen tube include: 1. It has a multi-layer sand control filter sleeve and has high-efficiency sand control performance, which can better block the sand in the formation and meet the needs of sand control in wells. 2. The area of the filter is large, the resistance of the pipe to the fluid is small, and the oil yield is high. 3、Welding the multi-layer structure as a whole, it can make the filter hole stable and has strong anti-deformation ability. 4. When the radial deformation of the stainless steel screen pipe does not exceed 40%, the sand control capability does not change, and it can meet the requirements for the use of horizontal wells. 5. The size and dimensional accuracy of the filter hole are controllable, the allowable size error is 5 microns, and the filter hole stability will not be deformed. 6, the filter hole is very uniform, high permeability, anti-blocking ability is very strong. The period of plugging is 2-3 times that of ordinary screens, facilitating backwashing. 7. The base pipe of the stainless steel burning oil screen pipe is a standard casing or oil pipe. The filter layer is a high-quality stainless steel material. Its corrosion resistance is very strong, it can resist the corrosion of carbon dioxide, hypochlorous acid and hydrogen sulfide, and can be acid. Working in the environment. 8, it's small outside diameter, light weight, convenient to push in place on the long-distance horizontal section.
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