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NC Wire mesh welding machine / wire wrapped screen pipe welding machine, NC Johnson Screen welding machine, wedge wire screen machine.

1.Tube diameterФ60mm-Ф600mm.
2.The maximum length of screen is 6000mm,in this range,you can produce tube as your requirements.
3.Screen slit gap can be adjusted according to the requirements(in the case of parking or not), range:0.08mm-40mm.
4.Tolerance clearance ±0.02mm.
5.Maximum speed of spindle:40rpm.
6.Servo motor,motor power:15kw two motor,and  4.5kw one motor.
7.Transmission medium adopts Using linear guide and ball screw.
8.Welding transformer :200kVA.
9.We offer two sets of tooling for free.The customer can choose which are between 60mm to600mm.

This equipment can be processed pure circular screen tube,perfect surface roundness,and no weld edges.










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