Bridge solt screen machine

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Bridge solt screen machine

The bridge slot screen machine is special equipment for the water well filter tubes, oil sand control filter pipes. The equipment is easy to understand, CNC system with remote control,operation more convenient.

In the process of production, the filter tube welded speed and current can be adjusted.Also high production efficiency,less energy consumption.


1.Material of pipe: stainless steel /Carbon steel

2.Thickness of strip: 0.8-2.0mm

3.Strip width: 100-300mm

4.Diameter range: 60-300mm

5.Product speed: 30m/h, can be adjusted.

6.Welding method: argon arc spiral-welded (18A/17.2V--360A/24.4V)

7.Cutting method: plasma cutting tracking synchronization (20A/88V--100A/120V)

8.Motor power: feed motor 0.75kw, welded motor 1.5kw

9.Dimension: 1600*1300*1600mm

10.Weight: 3000kgs.








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